Do Investors Low Ball You When They Buy Your House in El Paso and Las Cruces?

Do Investors Low Ball You When They Buy Your House?

Do investors just lowball you when they come to see your house?

The real answer to this question is yes and, no. It’s important that you understand up front that investors buying houses directly from sellers are buying with a business model in mind. In order for that business model to work they must buy at a margin.

A lot of people assume that when an investor comes and buys a house from a seller that they are coming to buy it at a full list price. That doesn’t make sense when an investor has to take money to repair the property, pay for a mortgage while he owns the property, pay for a listing agent, pay taxes and insurance and utilities while they work on it and still intend to make a profit at the end.

If we’re being completely transparent your best move as a seller is to fix your house yourself and listed with a realtor. But, sometimes that’s not an option. If you’re selling a property in El Paso that is in disrepair, behind on payments, an inheritance, a non-performing rental, and you call an investor like Quicksell, understand that they are going to factor in the cost of the acquisition of your house as well as the repairs needing to go into it in their final offer.

In short it’s not really low balling, it’s more so a fair cash offer, based on the location and state of the property. What you want to make sure to do as you speak to investors is be sure that they are transparent, honest and can show you that they are real investors. We highly encourage our sellers to ask about how many properties we own or have flipped. Most of the owned property information is available thru the Central Appraisal District Website.

We are far more concerned with our sellers being in good hands than being in our hands. We have dealt with sellers dozens if not hundreds of times that trusted a BIG TALK investor and then lost their house to the bank or back taxes only to find out that the “investor” they were working with was a seminar junkie who caught one of the free HGTV weekend classes and had no experience or ability to buy their home. PLease protect yourself by doing due diligence.

That being said Edward has been buying houses for 15 years and has helped over 1000 homeowners get out of their problem homes. We’ve purchased over 1500 properties, pay cash and close in as little as 14-21 days. We’d love to take a look at your property and make you a cash offer. 

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